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chaz-barracks“It’s hard to hate someone once you’ve heard their story.”

Chaz Barracks is a unique character in his own life story. Click here to learn more about Chaz.

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I AM MY LIFE Spotlight Articles

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Using Story to Drive Change

 This speech is from the 2015 ESPYS awards, where Caitlyn Jenner accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. This speech reigns true with I AM MY LIFE because it is an example of how one can use their story (and their platform) to foster needed change, education, and acceptance. Caitlyn expresses personal vulnerability to inspire a more compassionate community that respects […]

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Being black can be more fun than being gay

The ‘minority of a minority’ experience: Blacks in Japan

A previous colleague of mine, upon viewing the Japan project HERE, identified parallels in a recent piece published on Japan Times entitled, ‘Being black can be more fun then being gay’. It features the personal experiences of two black, gay, international men living in Japan, who call themselves a “minority of a […]

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Great social movements often have one thing in common: they are created by people with the courage to talk openly about their lives and experiences.

YES! This is the foundation for I AM MY LIFE. We believe in the power of story to produce not just healing for YOU: Storyteller, but to change the minds, hearts, and existing stereotypes (barriers) that […]

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Check out Chaz’s piece from UYD Media, an inspiring and innovate collective for folks who are using their difference to impact their communities.

Differences ARE okay!
Tell us a little bit about yourself, background and your passions.

My passions, like me, are all over the place. I love to cook (I’m definitely a foodie), dance, and enjoy engaging with different ways of using the […]

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Pilot Program: A Wild Success


In April, I AM MY LIFE held its first MOVE event in collaboration and mentorship with University of Richmond, ART 180, and The People’s Library of Richmond Public Library-Main. We count this pilot workshop a wild success! We can’t wait to work with other organizations to create something powerful.

During our first workshop, Richmond area students were invited to a two-day […]

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Bounce Back: Cape Town, South Africa

When a child is in prison for an extreme crime, it is likely that he was influenced or even forced to commit such an offense. Bounce Back Community Development does not discriminate against youth who face these early setbacks. Despite the crimes committed, the organization understands the need for these young men to receive mentorship, structure, and […]

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Zip Zap Circus School: Cape Town, South Africa

During my time in Cape Town, I connected with an old colleague who is now at Zip Zap Circus School, which is housed in giant white tent complex in the arts district of downtown Cape Town, South Africa. Innovative is an understatement to describe this one-of-a-kind school of Circus Arts, inspiring and empowering youth from all walks of life, teaching […]

Move Through Your Life Story

Check out the promo video for the event!

Tim Cook Gives His Truth

Should we care whether Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is gay or straight?

In his latest article on Splice Today, Chaz reminds us that Tim Cook’s platform has the power to help those who are struggling with their self-identity.  Chaz writes:

“Cook, in his response to the media highlighting his sexuality (something most of us already knew), has done exactly what more celebrities and regular […]

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