Research: What are Narrative Methodologies?

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Here is a bit of research to help conceptualize the power of narrative methodologies (personal storytelling), intersectionality, and education: Abstract: "This paper examines narrative methodologies as one approach to exploring issues of gender, education and social justice and, particularly, insights into “undoing gender”. It furthermore examines the possibilities of exploring gender and its multiple intersections in a range of global and policy contexts through the use of personal experience approaches. The “storying” of lived experience is examined as a means of challenging dominant discourses which can construct and other individuals and groups in relation to many aspects of gender and education. Drawing on intersectionality, as a complex and developing feminist theory, the paper considers ways in which narrative can illuminate often [...]


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Great social movements often have one thing in common: they are created by people with the courage to talk openly about their lives and experiences. YES! This is the foundation for I AM MY LIFE. We believe in the power of story to produce not just healing for YOU: Storyteller, but to change the minds, hearts, and existing stereotypes (barriers) that the Listener of your story may possess. Stories make the community more inclusive, accepting of differences, and focused on similarities between us. Read HERE as reference to how stories create change!      

Tim Cook Gives His Truth

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Should we care whether Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is gay or straight? In his latest article on Splice Today, Chaz reminds us that Tim Cook's platform has the power to help those who are struggling with their self-identity.  Chaz writes: "Cook, in his response to the media highlighting his sexuality (something most of us already knew), has done exactly what more celebrities and regular folk should continue to do: he said he’s gay, and was done with it. No glam, no glitter, no “coming out” ceremony. “If hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist [...]

Chaz Speaks @ Change The World RVA

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 Media Release Change the World RVA youth were an eye opening-inspirational group to share an IAMMYLIFE program with! It was an honor to be invited to facilitate a movement activity with these young women during their annual pre-college summer retreat at Richmond Hill. These young ladies are working towards freely expressing their stories and were hungry for the tools to do so! We moved through our life “ballet” and shared dialogue around the importance of sharing our stories, finding the artistic outlets to serve as the platform for sharing life adversities. We distinguished the differences between letting people in by telling them all that you’ve been through and trying to build bonding relationships while purposely leaving your struggles out of [...]

Controversial Piece by Chaz

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A Privileged Black Man's View on the World A controversial piece that I feel compelled to produce from my personal interactions. This comes from the numerous conversations with peers, course work, and my core beliefs on how to build everlasting relationships. I want to share this with both the SpliceToday and IAMMYLIFE audience to hopefully encourage you to think about how you can expand your horizons in frequent social interactions. Your perspective REQUIRED. Read it here!