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Packing List for the Nail that Sticks Out:

Inclusion through the personal narratives of marginalized citizens living, working, or studying abroad in Japan

See what students, teachers, and staff in Japan had to say about inclusion in Japan.

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Realer Tips From Gay to Gay About Going Abroad

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

日本に住むためにとても重要な話 Not too long ago, I wrote this after I returned from living abroad. After that piece was published it received some positive online feedback, but most importantly folks reached out to me directly. They told me that they had identified with my message, and [...]

JET Program Tips

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

Personal Narrative from International Teacher in Japan: My friend's daughter is a quarter Japanese. Her daughter often feels like she doesn’t have any true friends, only friends who want to use her for some benefit/purpose), a bias against students who are half black or half [...]

AIU, First Gen & Social Justice ED

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

“In Japan, social justice issues are not regularly talked about in the classroom. Students who choose to study abroad here at AIU, especially those who are coming from diverse campuses where social justice is ingrained in the curriculum, can be an asset to the classrooms [...]

Black Student Perspective

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

日本で学んでいる外国人(黒色人種)の話 “As a minority international student here it can be very stressful being a constant point of learning for the marginalized group you may represent (sometimes without you ever accepting that). This gets more exhausting when you realize the Japanese are not retaining the information [...]

The Power of Story

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

There is something powerful that comes when people show willingness to connect with others around their truths. We all have it in us to do so, but rarely take the time. Here, through the Office of International Education and any other relevant platforms, we can [...]

A Note on LGBTQ and Japan

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

同性愛者として日本に住むためには Of all the elements of my intersectional identity as a member of multiple marginalized populations, being a part of the LGBTQ community (I identify as a gay male) is the greatest source of my passion for this work of curating personal stories to help [...]

General Info and Role of Study Abroad

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

海外で学ぶためのインフォメーション Study abroad is not for every student. It takes courage, persistence, and discipline (both academically and socially) to be able to pursue the unknown and follow through with it. Although most undergraduate students at liberal arts universities have access to study abroad programs, [...]

Final Thoughts

December 5th, 2015|0 Comments

どこへ行ってもありのままのあなたでいればいい! A key takeaway from this project is that as a marginalized individual, or anyone who is entering a setting or community where they are the “outsider”, studying abroad [in Japan] is going to force us to experience many of the negatives and positives that [...]

Being black can be more fun than being gay

The ‘minority of a minority’ experience: Blacks in Japan A previous colleague of mine, upon viewing the Japan project HERE, identified parallels in a recent piece published on Japan Times entitled, ‘Being black can be more fun then being gay’. [...]

Tierra’s Story, an African American female JET Alum

My Story: I came to Japan in 2011 with the JET program. Before that experience I did a semester in Kansai and a 1 month exchange program during high school. With my experiences I thought I knew all about life [...]

Featured Story by “Stay Awesome”

As an African American woman, growing up in the United States, it has been drilled in my head that my color is offensive, or that my blackness is perceived as a threat. However being in Japan, I have not necessarily [...]

Featured Story by “Lupe Fiasco”

With my year abroad closely coming to an end I can confidently say that this has truly been a life changing experience. Being in Japan has opened my eyes to so many aspects of the culture. Getting to study abroad [...]

Goodbye Japan

By Ely Hurtado This story is also published on, who gave permission for re-publishing it here. This is not an easy for me after all we've been through together. Trust me, I’ve thought long and hard about what to [...]

Featured Story from Japan

I have been through a lot on my time here in Japan. Growing up in the US with Japanese neighbours and having the culture so close to home, made my move to Japan pretty smooth. I understood the culture to [...]

Featured Story from Japan

Japan from the eyes of a mixed-heritage, mixed cultural background person I am a citizen of the Caribbean and a resident in Japan. I first arrived in Japan July 27, 2001. I resided and worked as an Assistant Language Teacher [...]

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