Tell Your Story! Chaz speaks at ROSMY


We all have a story to tell. Because of our sexuality (LGBTQ) and our differences, our story will include some form of struggle.

So many campaigns say over and over “you are not alone”. I think as you grow up you truly need to reflect on what that means and how it changes as you overcome whatever it is that you’re struggling with.

During this process of self-discovery, in overcoming struggle we can gain confidence to lift up others facing similar adversity.

Remember that someone younger then you, or older is going through the same thing, if not worse and that you can be that person that gives them enough inspiration to change their entire situation.

You should aim to get to a point where you can tell you story, whether it’s through spoken word, dance, or any art form you identify with.


-An excerpt from Chaz’s talk and movement activity with the older youth group of Rosmy, a one of a kind LGBTQ youth center  in Richmond, Va! 


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